The intellectual property experts at Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn navigate the business and professional codes of registering trademarks at the state level. We often provide these services in as part of the business formation process, with a special niche in alcohol and beverage law. Obtaining the exclusive right to an image is a complicated and lengthy process involving research, applications and navigating the publication process. The strength and distinctiveness of the new trademark, similarity between existing trademarks and other possible infringement factors must be evaluated. Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn attorneys are experienced and have obtained favorable results in replies and rebuttals to problems with initial applications and well-versed with all steps and challenges involving the Secretary of State.

Beyond the initial trademark setup our attorneys also advise on the recommended usage, maintenance and enforcement of rights, and handling of the new trademark to ensure proper lawful use and the conservation of exclusivity. We have also helped clients with trademark management including licensing, transfer and infringement claims.

Trade Secrets

Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist in Trade Secret and Non-disclosure matters. As an extension of our expertise in business law, our attorneys translate the provisions, mandates and details of maintaining confidential and proprietary information. We have successfully obtained favorable outcomes for those seeking damages and those opposing the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Our attorneys can provide guidance on all legal situations including contract actions, failure to comply, mistakes, lack of capacity, arbitration and fraud.