Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn are highly experienced in many areas of personal injury defense including premises liability and dangerous conditions. Operating motor vehicles, selling products, and having facilities open to the public all expose businesses to liability for injury to members of the public. Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn attorneys successfully defend businesses sued for personal injury from offices in Sacramento and Irvine.

Defending such actions requires extensive knowledge of medical records and procedures, as well as the ability to competently evaluate and defend against related economic-loss claims due to allegations of missed work, impaired ability to work, and need for future medical care. In many cases, effectively dealing with lien claimants can be half the battle, and we constantly look for innovative strategies to address competing demands for finite funds. We work with doctors, forensic accountants, and others to present an effective defense in state and federal courts, as well as in private arbitration and mediation proceedings.

We work with self-insured businesses, businesses that have a right to defense under indemnity agreements, and businesses that have insurance. We also work with business that do not have any of these, and in many such cases, we are able to help them obtain indemnity or insurance coverage benefits of which were unaware, or which they had not been able to enforce.