When business property is damaged by others, business owners may need help collecting from those responsible. We pursue claims and litigation, as necessary, on behalf of businesses and utilities whose property has been damaged or destroyed.

We litigate cases against drunk drivers, contractors and others who cause damage to property. We also pursue damages on behalf of public utilities for illegal diversion of power, which is a growing problem in California and can be a fruitful area of recovery for public agencies. Under California law, electricity providers can recover three times the amount of actual damages (treble damages) from persons who steal power, plus costs of suit and reasonable attorneys’ fees.  Our broad range of experience allows us to meet the varying needs of our clients.

Our attorneys understand that in order for such efforts to be worthwhile, the amount recovered must exceed the costs of recovery. It is our goal to provide effective yet efficient representation. Our experience in helping entities to recover for their losses allows us to provide effective legal representation at a reasonable cost. We understand the importance of early negotiation with insurance companies and responsible parties, but we have the experience and skill to take a case through trial if necessary to maximize the entity’s recovery. Once a judgment is obtained, our attorneys have the skills to help our clients legally enforce the judgment and obtain recovery.

Businesses looking for new ways to reduce losses and improve their bottom line should not overlook the potential to recover from third parties who damage or steal property.