It is an unfortunate part of everyday life that people get injured in countless different ways. The only method the legal system has for helping an injured person is to determine if someone else is at fault in a legal sense and compensate the injured person financially for the damages suffered. The attorneys of Murphy, Campbell, Alliston and Quinn have defended clients who have been sued in such cases, and have represented injured clients as plaintiffs in other cases. Representing plaintiffs in such cases is not a major part of our practice, and the firm is very selective about taking on such plaintiff’s cases. However, we are extremely familiar with the pertinent issues and laws and have had significant success in those cases we have undertaken on behalf of an injured person. In other instances, we have referred potential clients to attorneys outside the firm we know, who we think would be a good match for the particular situation. We are happy to talk with anyone who has suffered physical injuries to help that person determine the best course of action, from a legal standpoint.