At Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn, our trust and probate attorneys listen attentively to ensure that we understand your objectives and your wishes. Our attorneys will educate you with the information you need regarding the different mechanisms available under the law to make effective choices that accomplish your objectives. We explain in everyday language how the process works, work with you to determine your goals and desires, then prepare the necessary legal instruments to implement your plans.

Post-Death Trust and Probate Administration

Whether you have the need to manage a will through probate, create a simple trust for a couple with a home and children, a complex estate requiring advanced structuring, or wish to set up a lifetime gifting program, Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn have estate planning attorneys that will provide the optimal solutions. Our objectives are to provide you with the estate planning and trust administration you need to enable you to ensure your estate passes to your heirs quickly, and cost effectively, while avoiding probate, minimizing taxes and protecting your assets.

Trust and Probate Disputes

If you should find yourself a trustee, beneficiary, personal representative in a probate proceeding, conservator, conservatee, or relative of a conservatee, involved in a dispute or litigation, we can help. We have seasoned attorneys who are experienced in litigation and dispute resolution in probate and civil court who can advise and represent you.

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