Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn offers comprehensive estate planning services and advice for families and individuals at every stage in their life. Our estate planning attorneys can assist you with drafting of wills and creation of trusts to ensure your estate passes to the next generation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, while minimizing estate taxes and other expenses.

Estate planning enables you to ease the burden on your family at a difficult time, protect your privacy, preserve your assets, and direct your property as you choose. Our trust attorneys will ensure that dependent children or adults can be provided for through a trust governed according to your instructions. Estate planning typically also includes preparation for possible future incapacity by designating others to act for you when you cannot act for yourself.

We listen attentively to ensure that we understand your objectives and your wishes. Our attorneys will educate you with the information you need regarding the different mechanisms available under the law to make effective choices to accomplish your objectives. We explain in everyday language how the process works, work with you to determine your goals and desires, then prepare the necessary legal instruments to implement your plans.

We assist with trust administration, including allocation of assets between subtrusts, giving required notices, retitling property as needed, and providing an accounting to beneficiaries. We also handle probate of assets that are not passing through trust or by beneficiary designation.

Our Estate Planning, Trust, & Probate Services Include:

  1. Estate tax Planning and Strategy
  2. Simple Trust
  3. Complex Trust
  4. Pour-Over Will
  5. Managing the Probate Process
  6. Health Care Power of Attorney
  7. Financial Power of Attorney
  8. Conservatorship and Guardianship
  9. Real Estate Transactions
  10. Asset Allocation and Trust Subdivision

See Trust & Probate Disputes for more information.