When accidents happen on or near public property, public entities are often viewed as “deep pocket” sources of compensation. The attorneys at Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn defend public entities against claims of dangerous conditions to preserve scarce public funds. We are intimately familiar with the various defenses available to public entities, and vigorously assert them. When these defenses do not apply, our attorneys aggressively defend such claims. We are experienced negotiators who resolve claims by settlement when settlement is appropriate and cost-effective, and if the case needs to be tried, our attorneys have the skills necessary to educate jurors as to the engineering, medical and economic issues and persuade them to make decisions based on reason, not emotion.

Our appellate attorneys have extensive experience with appeals of large verdicts against public entities in high profile cases, and are frequently called upon to handle appeals after another firm has defended the case at the trial level. Fresh perspective, full command of appellate law and procedure, and impressive written and oral advocacy skills lead to positive results, as many satisfied repeat clients can attest.